After years of searching, I've found the perfect gym shorts. And they're only $20 right now.

At a glance, gym shorts are pretty simple.

But if you’ve ever chucked on just any pair of shorts for your workout you will know that is not true.

Not all shorts are created equal, which is why I am always a bit… sceptical when purchasing them.

It takes a special kind of short to give you enough movement to jump/run/squat/crawl/lie on the floor/whatever it might be, while also being a long enough length to stop you worrying that your bum is peaking out the bottom with every movement.

They also need to be comfortable at the waist, sit high enough but not too high, they can’t be see-through oh, and preferably not hideous.

It’s tough.

But when it’s 35 degrees outside the thought of putting my poor sweaty legs into leggings just feels wrong. They need to breathe okay, so shorts are a necessity.

When I was in search of new gym gear to give me a February boost in motivation (The January optimism is long gone), I was pleasantly surprised to come across Rockwear’s Essentials Wrap Run Short.

On screen, they ticked all my boxes. Cute colourways, good length, adjustable elastic waist band, side panels that allowed you to move and a built in bum cover (What is the technical term for a bum cover?) to ensure you don’t flash anyone and give an extra layer of material, meaning they’re not see-through.

And they were only $20.

rockwear shorts
Image: Rockwear.
rockwear shorts
Image: Rockwear.
rockwear shorts
rockwear shorts
Image: Rockwear.

It seemed too perfect. I didn't fully believe it until they arrived and I tried them on - from then, I was sold.

I truly think they're the best gym shorts I have owned. Which is why I now own them in three different colours and have been practically harassing everyone I know with my passionate recommendation.

rockwear shorts
Taking pictures of shorts is really hard ok.
rockwear shorts
I was judged by about 23 gym goers for this photo.

The shorts are currently part of Rockwear's clearance sale, which is very good for my wallet but also makes me a little scared that just as I discovered something great, it could be taken away from me.

And given how much I've been yelling at my friends to buy them, you will want to get in quick as sizes (available in sizes 6-16) are selling fast.

I live in hope that they're just clearing the current colours and will bring the shorts back in different colours or patterns in the future.

I'm not the only one either - the shorts have a 4.8 star rating on the Rockwear website with lots of other gym-goers singing their praises.

Listen to the people, Rockwear, don't take these away from us.

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