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Women won't stop asking John Stamos for selfies after sex.

Have mercy!

Uncle Jesse reveals everything we ever wanted to know about his sex life.

Who’s the first person you’d interview if you were writing a book called How to F*ck a Woman?

If you didn’t say John Stamos, you’re wrong. Because John Stamos knows sex. You can tell just by looking at him.

Uncle Jesse reveals everything we ever dreamed of knowing about his sex life.

Adi Adler’s new book, How to F*ck a Woman, includes a cameo appearance that delves deep into Stamos’s sex life.

Here’s a taste of some of the sex tips on offer from Uncle Jesse himself.

John Stamos Sex Tip #1: Sleep with everyone. Seriously. Anyone. Even the ones who want your shirts as souvenirs and might do voodoo on them later.

“A couple of women have wanted ‘selfies’ afterwards,” Stamos says, adding, “One girl really wanted my shirt, like a souvenir.”

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John Stamos Sex Tip #2: Sex is a very intimate and difficult dance that you might be doing wrong. If you can’t hear a woman’s body, you’re definitely doing it wrong. Maybe turn up the volume?

Stamos says: “It’s about listening, asking, talking . . . I guess I do approach sex in a musical way. With me, it’s more rhythm than melody with a woman . . . but it’s all listening . . . With women, you have to listen to their bodies.”

John Stamos Sex Tip #3: Give, give, give.

“I’d rather have a woman have 10 orgasms than me have 10 orgasms.”

John Stamos Sex Tip #4: Be John Stamos.

Stamos says of the book: “If I weren’t John Stamos, I would really need this book.”

But he is John Stamos. He does not need the book. He’s too busy getting laid to read.

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