12 things women with small breasts are sick of hearing.

Just stop.

Hey a***holes, let’s get one thing clear.

Yes, I have small boobs and most of the time I feel fine about them, those two little ladies of mine. It’s not until some idiot decides to comment on them that I feel waves of embarrassment/anger/protectiveness.


Why do people think it’s okay to remark on someone else’s chest?! It’s just beyond me. I wouldn’t dare comment on another person’s bits, so please, rude people of the world, keep your thoughts about my boobies to yourself.

So, small-chested women, let’s unite.

Let’s start a movement where every time we hear one of the below phrases, we punch the commenter in the face.

Too harsh?! I don’t think so.

People, you’ve been warned: these are the things I never want to hear again...

Things people with small boobs don't want to hear.

1. “Oh, A-cup… that’s cute!”

Please spare me, I don’t need my breasts patronised. Cute = not sexy. Cute = small child. Thus, cute = a word to delete from your vocabulary when describing my boobs. (Also see: A is for awesome, petite is nice and sweet teeny things.)

2. “You have the body of a teenage boy.”

This needs no explanation. Just. Not. Cool. Ever.

3. “Don’t worry, you have nice eyes/legs/bum/hair/anything other than boobs.”

Complimenting another part of my body doesn’t distract me from the fact you're throwing shade on my rack.

4. “They’ll get bigger when you’re pregnant.”

No sh*t, and f**k you.

5. “Um, they’re smaller than I thought they were.”

(Said by someone after you sexily whip off your bra in front of them.)

Why don’t you just stick an axe into my heart/self-confidence next time?


And the closely related cousin:

6. “Your boobs are perfect, like, the perfect handful. Well… a tiny leprechaun handful.”

Nice backhander.

Watch: The different shapes and sizes of boobs. Post continues after video.

Video via Mamamia.

7. “Maybe if you put on some more weight…”

Don’t even bother finishing that sentence, people. Have you ever met a female?! Body weight does not exclusively live on a woman’s chest, and there is no chance gaining 10kgs is going to turn me into Kimmy K.

8. “You can run so easily, you probably don’t even have to wear a sports bra.”

Oh, righto. Just because they’re small doesn’t mean they don’t need support, running without a sports bra hurts anyone with even the slightest mound. Small tits still have feelings too, y’know.

9. “At least you can wear low-cut tops without looking like you’re trying to be sexy.”


10. “But you don’t have to wear a bra under normal clothes.”

Er, we still have nipples/are not porn stars.

11. “YOU ARE SO LUCKY, they will never sag.”

Oh yes, they will (read: have). They may not have the same weight behind them as their larger counterparts, but trust me, they’re very capable of making their way slowly down the chest towards the tummy. 

12. “So, you must be a C-cup?” (Like that’s teeny.)

Sob, sob, sob.

Other ladies small of breast, tell me what your goddamn sick of being told about your boobs? 

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