10 problems all women with glasses know to be true.

Because living with four eyes instead of two is HARD.

1. 3D movies are some sick kind of public torture
The novelty and fun of wearing 3D glasses at the movies? It’s kind of ruined when you have to layer them over your seeing glasses, which leaves you dangerously open to being called “6 eyes”. Thanks a lot for starting it, Avatar.

2. “Can I try those on?”
Every now and then, some clown with 20/20 vision will parade around in your glasses asking whether they look smart, followed by their best nerd impression. They exclaim about how blind you are, pass them back and return to their normal routine without quite grasping that THIS IS OUR LIFE.

3. Please, please, I beg you – don’t call me a “sexy librarian”
Some are called leggy blondes, others are labelled the sultry brunette, but if you’ve got prescription lenses you will ALWAYS be the sexy librarian. Are there no other sexy women in the world who wear glasses other than those who populate libraries? No one? Really?

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4. That one time you tried contact lenses
“Are you ok? You look like you’ve been crying.” – said every person you came into contact with that day

5. Don’t even try to check on anything in your oven in the presence of other humans.

Me to my dinner party guests: “Hang on a sec guys, I’ll just check how my roast is doing.”

*opens oven*

Me with foggy glasses: “Actually I can’t see any more, can someone please give me a hand?”


*intense laughter from friends*

I feel you.

6. Those times when you venture out sans glasses

Hello air-brushed world. Hello fuzzy trees and people. Hello friends. Oh wait, those aren’t my friends. Those are total randoms I am waving to. *puts glasses back on*

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7. While everyone might rejoice over hot days, they are our MORTAL ENEMY.

Warm weather = a sweaty, oily face. And a sweaty, oily face means that your spectacles begin the slow slide down your nose approximately every 30 seconds. FUN.

8. Oh, and rain, we hate rain too

Stuck out in even the lightest of showers in your specs? It’s inevitable that drops will manage to fall on your glasses. Which makes you hate yourself for thinking that you want a pair of these…

Don’t laugh. They would make our lives easier.

9. Eyelashes are annoying
For non-eye glass folk, eyelashes are wonderful, attractive things. But every woman with glasses knows that life would be so much easier without them. No, eyelashes smushing up against your specs all day is a daily struggle.

10. Kissing can be is awkward

There’s nothing less sexy than kissing someone and in the process, having their skin smudge your spectacles. Wait, no, pausing mid-kiss session to remove your glasses and place them on a nearby flat surface is definitely less sexy than that. Carry on.

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