We can't figure out why Twitter is freaking out over this woman's undies.

On Christmas Eve, Twitter user @iranikanjari was chilling out, pants-free with her laptop.

Revolutionary, I know.

She happened to be looking bloody cute at the time and was feeling her “Walmart underwear vibes”, so she took a snap and shared it with the Internet.

The Internet, perplexingly, wasn’t all that impressed with her adorable stomach selfie and responded by raining torrents of abuse on her.

Who knew the Internet hated stripes so much? No wait, maybe they hate Walmart? Or bargains? Beds. It’s definitely beds.

Or maybe — okay, I think I’ve figured it out now — maybe the Internet momentarily forgot that all human beings grow hair on their bodies. Even the female ones.

Silly Internet.

It’s not really their fault though — Internet users, I mean — they’re not used to seeing women with hair. Women who like themselves. Women who think: “Hey, my body is cool just the way it was made, thank you very much.”

Which explains why one Twitter user felt it was okay to call @iranikanjari “Chewbacca” (which is funny because that’s the name of a Wookiee and Wookiee’s are covered in hair, geddit?), before doling out some unsolicited advice on how she might get up to scratch with society’s oppressive beauty standards.

Cheers, Harry.

Another user (a doctor of some kind?) offered a treatment regime for @iranikanjari’s troubling health condition — I think she has something called Being A Normal Human Woman.

Apparently it’s quite common, affects about half the global population. Who knew?

It seems others with the same affliction felt rather empowered by the photo and tweeted their support and thanks to @iranikanjari.

She was pretty chuffed and thanked them right back.

So what have we learned, Internet? Women have hair on their bodies.

In other news, the sky is blue and the ocean is wet. Can we please move on?

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