Yes, it's very possible to orgasm in your sleep.


Image: iStock. By Nicole Weaver for YourTango.

The female orgasm is pretty interesting because there are many ways to achieve it. The brain is the biggest sex organ for humans, which, apparently, does interesting things while we sleep.

This includes awesome sex dreams that can lead to an orgasm.

Researchers noticed this in a 1983 experiment, where a woman had an orgasm in her sleep. Her heart rate sped up from 50 to 100 beats per minute, and her breathing sped up from 12 to 22 breaths per minute. She also had an increase in vaginal blood flow. (Is my vagina normal? Dr Ginny and Shelly Horton discuss. Post continues after video.)

“There’s an actual physical orgasm,” Madeleine Castellanos, a psychiatrist and sex therapist, tells Fusion. “Most people, when they wake up, will remember having an erotic dream.”

As you might know, men get wet dreams and know they had a physical orgasm because there’s … ahem, evidence. However, things are much different for women. Our orgasms tend to only be in our heads with little physical evidence.


So, how do you achieve this orgasm? Fall into a deep sleep, of course.

“During REM sleep, you have increased blood flow to your erectile tissue — for women, it’s in the whole clitoral complex,” explains Castellanos. “Your brain recognises that you have more blood flow in those tissues, and it can lead to sexual arousal.” (Post continues after the galley)

According to Medicine Net, REM sleep occurs three to five times each night, and each time lasts one to two hours. During REM sleep, we experience irregular breathing, heart rate, and muscle jerks.

This is very interesting, but don’t forget that sleep isn’t the only way to have a hands-free orgasm. If having a hands-free orgasm during sleep is a process that’s a little too drawn out for you, there’s always manual stimulation.

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