From sleek buns to blow-drying: We asked 4 women how they style their hair every day.

Question: What do you do with your hair every morning? Do you put a lot of effort into styling? Or are you more of a wash and go kinda girl? Cause by the time you get through your 20 step skincare routine and slap on some makeup, sometimes the hair side of things takes the back seat, amiright?

But wa-wa-wait! Before you read on, check out these styling tips from Kate Middelton's hairdresser. Post continues below. 

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If you’re curious to find out how other women do their hair in the morning, we've asked four women to tell us about their everyday hair routine. 

Like, how do other people kick their frizz? Tame their curls? Make limp strands not look like uncooked angel hair pasta? Huh?

Let's find out.


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The way I style my hair is super minimal most of the time and a sleek low bun with a side or middle part is my go-to. But if I'm leaving the house to see my girls or heading to work, I put a little more effort in. Before I even start anything, I start with laying my baby hairs down. If you're a black girl, you KNOW you gotta lay them baby hairs down if you want your bun to be super sleek.

I use Schwarzkopf Got2B Glued Water Resistant Spiking Gel, $10.99. I have curly baby hairs and this is the only thing that keeps them from curling back up - I don't want to lose too much of my natural texture though so I use it sparingly. After laying my baby hairs down, I wrap it up with a satin scarf and start brushing out any tangles in my hair with a paddle brush.


By the time I'm done with that I undo the satin scarf and part my hair either in the middle or the side with a comb. Then with a boar bristle brush, I brush my hair into a low bun and tie it up with a black velvet scrunchie. 

For EXTRA sleekness I bring my satin scarf out again and do my makeup or wear my outfit for the day. Once I remove the satin scarf (for the last time). I use a tiny bit of OGX's Coconut Miracle Oil Penetrating Oil, $15.49, to add a glossy shine to my hair - this stuff smells amazing.

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I wish I was somebody with the time to dedicate to styling their hair every day, but alas, I’m not. I’m full time snack-b**ch to two tiny dictators (twins) who rarely, if ever, allow breaks. Really need to get onto HR about that...

I wash my hair twice a week. On Monday, because when I’m staring down the barrel of another seven days of twin toddler f**kery, nothing tricks me into thinking, 'I’ve got this' like a fresh 'do. Then again on Friday, since I keep that evening free to get lit with the girls and I wanna look hot!

I've turned barely showering into a fine art. I've recently started using Grow Haircare’s Longer Stronger Scalp Scrub, $16.99, and this makes my first wash of the week feel like I just stepped out of the salon. You know how they get your hair SO CLEAN and no matter how many times you shampoo you can never replicate it at home? Well now you can, just become a scrubber like me.


On that note... listen to Mamamia's podcast for your face YouBeauty, where we talk to Renya Xydis about how to get salon-smooth hair at home. Post continues below.

I like to sleep around when it comes to shampoo and conditioner. I’m not loyal to any one brand, maybe because I haven't found 'the one' yet. I just look for cruelty-free hydrating products that are preferably on sale, since my kids only eat the expensive berries.

I love a hair oil, so after showering I run a couple of drops through the ends. Then I drag a tangle-teezer through and clip it up for a bit to let it partially air-dry while I run around whispering 'wtf' to myself as I look for dummies, worn bunnies and tiny shoes. 

When and IF there's calm in the storm, I’ll think about styling. Which is a five minute blow dry with my head upside down, for volume. I run a straightener over the mid lengths to ends, purely just to smooth it. I recently upgraded to a GlamPalm Clinic Styler, $330, which is so technologically advanced I feel like it's wasted on me. It uses nano-vibrations to straighten and shine in one single swipe.

After that, I pop my hair up in a weird half-bun for an hour or so, to get a 'bend' in it. This makes it look like I have 1) more hair than I really do,  and 2) put more effort in than I really did. I try to make it through to Friday without dry shampoo, as I have a feeling that my hair's natural oils are probably good for it, and dry shampoo clogs up the follicles. 


I style my hair each day to accommodate its increasing 'slickness' so… Mon: Worn down, Tue: Loose bun, Wed: Slick high-ponytail, Thur: Gross slicked-back bun, Fri: Repeat.

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My go-to way to make my hair feel fab (even when it's in my daily mum bun) is The Body Shop's Grapeseed Glossing Serum, $20. All it takes is a few pumps of this serum after you've washed your hair to make your locks feel soft and silky - it literally could not be easier for a time-poor mum!

On those days where I feel a little fancy (and have a spare 15 minutes) I whip out my Dyson Airwrap, $699. My favourite attachments are the straighten brush and large barrel curlers. I usually give my hair about half an hour to air dry while I wrangle the kids or do my makeup before styling. It means I get to skip out the hair drying step as the Airwrap prefers damp, not soaking wet hair (on days I need to style it but haven't washed my hair, I give it a few spritzes of water!).


The tool is super easy to use and you can achieve glam hair in 15 minutes. It helps that the sound of the Airwrap soothes the wee boy so I can get ready without him kicking off. *Hair flick*.

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Hair is something I lack any skill in. It's only been during COVID-19 that I've aced the art of curling with a straightener, and during lockdown while working from home, my hair was lucky to get washed once a week. Since restrictions have eased and my routine is getting back to some normality - including travelling into the office - I'm in a constant battle of extra sleep vs doing my hair and makeup.

At the moment I have two go-to products: NAK Hair Replends Creme Leave-in Moisturiser, $10.36, which is perfect for wet or dry hair, and Schwarzkopf Extra Care Daily Oil Elixir, $6.30. 

I'm pretty simple - if I've washed my hair the night before, I'll use the NAK moisturiser on damp hair and go to sleep in it (yes, I know you're not meant to but I really don't have the time to blow dry most nights!). 


Sometimes I'll wake up and my hair is looking its best and will literally not do a thing (once in a blue moon), otherwise I'll run a straightener through the top if I'm short on time, or completely straighten it if I've chosen #TeamHair over #TeamSleep! I'm currently using the SAS Hair Straightener, $139.95, and it seems to do the job pretty well!

If it's been a day or two and I really can't be bothered straightening, a low bun with a split in the middle is my go-to. If I'm feeling fancy, I'll add a scrunchie or a silk hair scarf to add a little extra flair, or pair with statement earrings to hide the fact that very minimal effort has been put into my hair. I'll often apply a touch of oil to the mid-lengths and ends to add extra shine.

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