'I'm 23 and I've had 60 units.' Women are doing an 'injectables reveal' and we are riveted.

Women on the internet are revealing their age and how many injectables they get and okay but we can't stop watching. IT'S SO PERVY.

Posted on the account @ms_injectorcourtney, the video shows a nurse injector from the US asking her colleagues how old they are and how many units of anti-wrinkle injections they've had.

And, yes — it's a whole other level of nosy that we're all apparently VERY into.

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Video via Mamamia

Just as a reminder, like any other area of beauty, whether you like to get cosmetic work, don't like to get cosmetic work or are completely indifferent to it, this is a 'you do you' kind of space — we're not here to judge.

As @ms_injectorcourtney wrote in a follow-up post (addressing mean comments and trolls), "We all were fully transparent about our ages and how many units of Botox we had and wanted to make it less of a stigma to talk about because of the amount of women and MEN I have encountered that don’t like to talk about what they have had done."


Hear, hear!

Before we get into it, it's also probably worth knowing that anti-wrinkle injections (which are most commonly used to relax muscles on the face, jaw and neck) are measured in 'units'.

The number of units depends on many factors, including what you're getting done and the strength of the muscles being treated. The amount of product used is also dependent on the brand.

Generally, however, the forehead can have one to two units per injection. Around the eyes, the frown line, and in the mid and lower face, anywhere between two to four units are usually placed per injection.

So! Here's what these injectors from a clinic in the US called RenuYou MedSpa & Wellness Center responded to this magical question: "How old are you & how many units of Botox do you have?"

Let's go.


Image: Instagram/@ms_injectorcourtney.


"Do I really have to answer how old I am?" Nikki asked her colleague. 

And yasss, sweetie tell us everything.

"Forty-one and 32 units," she answered.


Image: Instagram/@ms_injectorcourtney.


Twenty-two-year-old Emma shared she has 32 units of anti-wrinkle injections in her face.


Image: Instagram/@ms_injectorcourtney.


Fifty-five-year-old Jodie was next up, sharing she's had 64 units of anti-wrinkle injections.

Side note: Why does everyone also have really amazing hair? 


Image: Instagram/@ms_injectorcourtney.

Lauren said, "I'm 24. I have 104 [units. Forty in my masseters and 64 in my face."


For the uninitiated, 'masseter injections' is a phrase used to describe the use of anti-wrinkle injections into a specific muscle in the lower jaw (it connects your cheekbone to your lower jawbone), used for chewing. 

The treatment was primarily used to reduce teeth grinding, jaw pain, and jaw clenching — but in recent times has been used for its aesthetic side effects (jawline slimming).


Image: Instagram/@ms_injectorcourtney.


Next, Jess answered: "I'm 34. I have 34 units."

Dr Cruz.

Image: Instagram/@ms_injectorcourtney.

For 44-year-old Dr Cruz, she's had had 76 [units] of anti-wrinkle injections in her face.


Image: Instagram/@ms_injectorcourtney.


"I'm 36. I have 28 in my face and I have 25 in each of my trapezius muscles to help with migraines," shared Kyla.

And yes! 'Trap tox' is a thing. 

Also dubbed 'Barbie tox', 'trap tox' is a treatment that involves anti-wrinkle injections to the shoulder or trapezius muscle (also known as the 'traps'). The procedure is intended to help reduce the pain of chronic migraines or chronic tension in the neck and shoulders. In recent times, there's also been a surge in people getting it purely for aesthetic reasons — the appearance of slimmer shoulders.



Image: Instagram/@ms_injectorcourtney/.

Next up was Devaney, who is 23 and has 60 units of anti-wrinkle injections in her face.


Image: Instagram/@ms_injectorcourtney.


Then we have Kristen, who is 41 years old and has 61 units of anti-wrinkle injections.


Image: Instagram/@ms_injectorcourtney.


There's also 55-year-old Robin who shared she has 52 units of anti-wrinkle injections.


Image: Instagram/@ms_injectorcourtney.


Lastly, we have 33-year-old Courtney — the creator of the video — who shared, she has "128" units of anti-wrinkle injections. When her colleague asked, "Where do you have that?", she shared, "Everywhere!"

Want to watch the full clip? Course you do! Head here.

If you want more pervy details, recently, we wrote a piece on how much women spend on injectables. The response we received was HUGE, and it told us one thing: when it comes to injectables, women want to know what other people are doing to their face. So, it's no wonder this recent clip is going viral.

As always, it's worth pointing out that anti-wrinkle injections are obviously a medical procedure with real risks — and you should always do your research before jumping into anything.

Every face is different, and the best way to figure out what's right for you is to have a thorough consultation before having an appointment. Without one, you could be facing all of the problems — and more.

What do you think of the viral video? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Instagram/@ms_injectorcourtney.

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