There's one more week for The Logies to put something right.

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Earlier this month we spoke about how the Logies Hall of Fame is a complete sausage-fest.

And, as we prepare for Aussie TV’s fabled “night of nights”, one question remains looming like a dark cloud, that is: will another woman be joining lonely Ruth Cracknell in the Logies’ Hall of Fame?

28 people are in there. And yes, 27 of them were men.

Ruth Cracknell. Image: Getty. 

"I had no idea, that in 28 years, only one woman has ever been inducted into the Logies Hall of Fame. This blows my mind. And that woman was Ruth Cracknall, who obviously deserved to be there, but so have so many other woman. I can't even deal. How is this a thing?" Rosie Waterland proclaimed this week in The Binge.

Listen to Rosie and Laura Brodnik chat all things Logies below. (Post continues after audio.)

And Rosie's not the only one. Mornings host David Campbell told  “The options are endless, I can’t believe that Ruth is the only one in there. Television was a white male boys' club [in the past] and that’s the way it was. But we could have tried a bit harder up until now... I think they’ve taken a few easy punts.”

Self-described "Massive Logies fan girl", Laura Brodnik, says she recognised the lack of diversity in the Hall of Fame growing up.

"It wasn't until I was about 13 or 14 that I realised that there were no women in the Hall of Fame, except for Ruth Cracknell... You know how every time we talk about diversity in film, people say, 'Oh it's based on talent, it's not based on who should be in there filling a quota,' if they want to look at talent - Lisa McCune won the Gold Logie four times, she's won the Silver Logie multiple times, she's been on three very highly-rated shows...and she's such an icon, what else does she have to do to be in the Hall of Fame?" Laura says.


Lisa McCune is just the tip of the iceberg of the incredible female talent in Australia. Here are a few more suggestions: (Post continues after gallery.)


#OscarsSoWhite trended earlier this year, in backlash to the lack of diversity represented by the people nominated.

And, as Rosie Waterland says, The Logies could use a little more diversity all round, really.

"The Logies just needs to enter the 21st Century....we don't know whose being inducted into the Hall of Fame until the night, but if it's not a woman this year, I suspect there's going to be a bit of an uproar." she says.

"The Logies are run by TV Week, and... they say 'Oh, but it's voted by the public,' but the public can only vote for who is on our screen. So until we actually have more female leads, and more people of colour, on our screens, we're not going to have a change in the awards, because you can't vote for someone who's not on TV." Laura says.

Amen to that, Laura.

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But one things for sure - and that is while the public vote for Most Popular category - they don't vote for the Hall of Fame. So, balls in your court, Logie powers-that-be.

A social media campaign highlighting the issue has spread across twitter with the hashtag #morelogiewomen.  Join Rosie, Laura, and Mamamia in changing the future of the Hall of Fame by jumping on board the campaign.

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