This 25yo mum loves being pregnant so much, she's offering her womb "for rent".

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She’s 25, has two children of her own, and is “addicted” to pregnancy.

Michelle Griffin from Perth has had a “strong desire” to become a surrogate since the birth of her own children.

When she posted her “womb for rent” on social media, she was inundated with requests from parents looking for a gestational surrogate.

“It’s been amazing, I didn’t expect to have the response that I did,” she told Sunrise this morning.

“I’m a gestational surrogate, which means it’s the mother’s egg and the father’s sperm creating an embryo that is implanted into me. It’s totally their bun in my oven.”


Griffin recently completed training to become a birth doula and said she is “addicted” to pregnancy and childbirth.

“The whole nine months is amazing and [I love] the excitement that builds up in that time,” she said.

“Having life grow inside you is just incredible and so empowering and the birth is amazing. I’m quite addicted.”

I’ve thought long and hard about sharing this, but I know I want to document this experience and so here I am, sharing the very beginning of my Surrogacy Journey. So, a lot of you may know that I have a strong desire to become a Surrogate. A little fire ignited in me after having my own children. I am now so completely happy with my two wonderful children but I still crave being pregnant. After doing my Birth Doula training, that little fire turned into a great big flame. Surrogacy is on my mind pretty much all of the time so we’ve decided to take action! With the incredible support of my husband, we are now at the very beginnings of searching for IP’s (Intended Parents). Becoming a mother was the greatest gift I could ever receive, and being lucky enough to give such a gift to another couple would be the most amazing thing I could ever do. You all know that I love to share so this journey will be no different! Be prepared for Surrogacy spam! This is going to be a long road and will probably push my patience to breaking points but I’m so very excited to become someone’s “tummy mummy”. I’ve joined a few surrogacy support groups on Facebook and there is so much information I am slowly gathering, but every day I grow in anticipation. Anyway, enough of my rambling. If anyone knows of a couple in Perth looking for a Gestational Surrogate to carry their first child, send them my way, I would love to hear their story! ????

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It is illegal to receive payment to be a pregnancy surrogate in Australia.

Griffin calls it a “gift” and says she’s lucky that money isn’t an issue for her and her young family.

“For me, that was not an issue it actually made me want to do it even more,” she said.

“It’s a gift coming from my heart and I really wanted to help somebody. I figured, why keep having our own children when we can contribute to another family and help somebody else.”

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For anyone wondering, there’s currently ‘no vacancy’ in Griffin’s womb, as the mother-of-two has found a pair of lucky parents-to-be.

“I met them at the beginning of the year at a surrogacy seminar and we hit it off right away,” she said.

“It’s really more about being a friendship and having that bond. There’re so many people out there that are deserving. It’s really heartbreaking. I just want to help someone.”

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