'Womanspreading' is the new Instagram trend replacing fingermouthing and porn face.

We’ve seen fingermouthing, porn face and the Bambi pose, now get ready for the newest selfie trend taking over Instagram.

It’s called womanspreading – and as the term suggests, it’s about spreading your legs right out. It’s one part subversive twist on the loathsome manspreading, and one part “look at my crotch”.

Models Bella and Gigi Hadid and Kaia Gerber are fans of the new pose, which has also cropped up in some of their advertising shoots.

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i’m just living

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And Kylie Jenner is partial to a little bit of womanspreading.

We definitely appreciate the power pose of spreading your legs and taking up space, as have some of the everyday women who’ve embraced the stance.

As many have pointed out, it’s not ladylike to spread your legs wide open – and we think that’s why this pose has so many fans. Though, no one we’ve come across has tried it in a skirt yet.

when people tell me it’s unladylike to spread my legs :^) #womanspreading

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#microhembrismo #womanspreading #igualitarismoya

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Given that the most recent Instagram posing trends came from a Disney woodland creature and a certain time of sex face – we hope to see plenty more womanspreading in our feeds.

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