Young woman finally wins the right to be sterilised after long fight.

Holly Brockwell doesn’t want kids.

She says she has never wanted to and has always known.

She has become famous for the words “I don’t want to have children” and for four years, since she was 26-years-old, she has fought to be sterilised to free her from the burden of contraception.

But no doctor would do it.

The London based technology journalist, who was viciously trolled for making public her decision last year, wrote in The Telegraph that her steadfast decision was rejected by doctors time and time again.

“It’s something I’ve wanted for years, but that doesn’t mean it was an easy decision to make. It’s one I’ve researched, considered, weighed-up and defended, over and over again.

“Every year for the last four years my GP has refused my decision. I couldn’t even get a referral. The response was always: “You’re far too young to take such a drastic decision.”‘

She has become famous for the words “I don’t want to have children” Source: Holly Brockwell Instagram

But the now 30-year old has revealed on British TV that finally she has won the right to have the procedure.

She said that she is happy and relieved but just wants to close the door on this chapter of her life.

“I just don’t want that stress anymore. It’s put me through so much emotional and psychological stress, I just want to close the door on it.”

The 30-year-old faced intense backlash from viewers of the program who critisised the British health system for allowing her to have the procedure funded through the NHS.

She defended her right for the funding, telling the hosts of the ITV show that it was of benefit to the British health system and wasn’t simply a “lifestyle choice.”

“It’s going to save the NHS money, it’s actually cheaper than contraception and cheaper than treating the side effects” she said. “The “lifestyle choice” argument is a silly one to me, because having children is a lifestyle choice. Both should be equally respected, surely? Why is one more OK than the other?’

Holly Brockwell : “It’s going to save the NHS money, it’s actually cheaper than contraception and cheaper than treating the side effects” Source: Holly Brockwell Instagram

Brockwell wrote for The Guardian last year – when her fourth attempt to be steralised was knocked back by doctors – that her mother had the same disinterest in having children, but had agreed to when Brockwell’s father was desperate for a family.

“The reason I don’t want children is both simple and complex. I just don’t want them. I never have.”
She says her mother finally had a sterilisation after she was born, but was “talked into having a reversal and three more children by the man she married after my dad”
“She loves us, of course” Brockwell said referring to her mother “but her energy and finances have been drained for more than 30 years by children. “I don’t regret any of you,” she says often, “but what you don’t have you don’t miss.”
Not wanting the same thing to happen to her, Brockwell said she was determined to be steralised.
They’ve told me countless times that I’ll end up changing my mind.” Image via Twitter.
She explained to The Guardian last year her frustration that doctors would “prescribe me tablets, injections, patches and devices that achieve the same ends. They just won’t agree to make it permanent, at least until I’m “older”.”
She said “In fact, at 29, I’m considered old enough to be the mother of unlimited children, to create as many new people as I want without answering to anyone, and be trusted to look after them appropriately. But according to the NHS, I’m not old enough to know that I don’t want that, ever.”
She said to The Telegraph: “Doctors do this too. They’ve told me countless times that I’ll end up changing my mind. That might seem reasonable, but ask yourself if they’d say the same to a 26-year-old woman who decided to have a child.
“Both choices are permanent, so why do GPs think I’ll change my mind about becoming a mum, but someone who has a child won’t?”

Brockwell has spoken of how one doctor suggested instead that her partner Zack should have a vasectomy instead and another said they wouldn’t consider the procedure until she’d had children.

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Her announcement that she would soon be sterilised was met with widespread dismay by viewers of the show and social media users.

One woman writing ”How upsetting! I can’t have kids due to PCOS and this lady thinks she can b sterilised on the NHS!’

But Brockwell responded on Twitter:

Another, Nikki Williams wrote on Facebook “I begged my doctor throughout my 20s and early 30s to be steralized- I had no interest in kids at all- thankfully they wouldn’t allow it- I fell pregnant at 36 and 2 and a half years on I thank god the doctors wouldn’t listen! My little girl is my life.”

But others defended Brockwell’s decision “Lovely how it worked out for you” said one woman to Nikki Williams “but ultimately it’s her body so her choice.”

Another: “Why does everyone assume a woman automatically wants children???? Plenty of men who never want them and they are claimed to be some kind of hero? It’s her body her choice and 100% she should be sterilised if she does not want children.”

Holly Brockwell has challenged all the people who say she will change her mind to place their money on the line, but so far says she has had no takers.