Woman wears skullhead for a month because, um, why not?!

Are you pumped that Halloween’s almost here? One woman is taking her excitement to a whole other level by dressing in costume every day since mid-September.

Joyce Yee was shopping with a friend when they came across a weird, oversized skull. Yee put it over her head, and although she couldn’t see a thing, she and her friend could not. stop. laughing. They took a bunch of funny photos in the impromptu costume, and “afterwards on our walk home, I couldn’t stop thinking of more photos I could do,” Yee said. So that’s exactly what she set out to make happen: She’s taking a photo every day until Halloween (or maybe longer!) while wearing the skull on her head. She’s even got a campaign to make it on Ellen in the crazy getup.

So what’s the point? Just to make the Internet world laugh — simple as that. And it’s totally working. Check out 10 of our favourite moments in the life of Skullhead.

Skulls Need Produce, Too

Skullhead definitely knows how to pick the freshest-smelling produce with a nasal passage that clear.

Taco Night is for Everyone

Tacos have never had a particularly slimming effect on us -- but Skullhead manages to stay rather bony.

Even Skullheads Need Help Crossing the Road

Skull and crossbones -- er, crosswalk.

Skulls Loooove Ellen

Nothing says "cozy" like a throw blanket, a cuddly kitty and red light-up eyes. Oh, and catching up on Ellen, obvi.

Seriously Ellen, Skullheads Really Love You

A little flattery never hurt anyone, right? (Ellen, there's still a week to get Skullhead on the show before Halloween!)

Awww, Skull + Ram = 4Eva

These two were absolutely made for each other. Like peanut butter and jelly, like tomato sauce and hot chips -- like a creepy giant skull head and a creepy giant ram head.

Skulls Are Known for Their Dental Hygiene

Having no lips kind of takes away the need to open wide at the dentist. So convenient!

Skulls Needs Solitude Too, Yo

Do you think my head looks big in this hat?

Sometimes Skulls Just Need to Take a Load Off

Hey, Skullhead. You know what they say: You can sleep when you're dead!