The seven second video we can't stop watching - because this woman is all of us.

We’ve all been there.

That moment where you’re walking down the street, with a slight spring in your step. Perhaps you’re listening to your favourite song and pretending it’s the soundtrack to a movie about your life, maybe the sun is out and you can feel it warming your barely-seen-the-light-for-months legs or you’re having a rare better-than-good hair day.

Whatever the cause, you’re feeling great about yourself, the world, life in general. The corner of your mouth turns up a little as you smile to yourself to acknowledge the moment.

It kinda feels a lot like this. Image: 500 Days of Summer/Fox Searchlight Pictures

That's when it happens, when the universe decides you can't have too much of a good thing and brings you down to earth. Literally - you trip, stumble or fall and hopefully avoid rolling your ankle.

The magic of that moment is gone.

Most people hurriedly look around to check no-one saw it happen. Not Laura Jane Williams. Nope, she decided to put it on the internet.


You see, Williams, an author and ex-Grazia UK columnist, happened to be filming herself during one of those rare feel-good moments.

"This is going to sound really silly, but I feel really sexy," she confided in the camera. "And I think there's just something really..."

Before she could finish her sentence, Williams had tripped and found herself on the floor.

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The clip she posted on Twitter with the caption "I can't stop watching this" has been retweeted over 7,000 times and garnered almost 20,000 likes in less than 24 hours.

It's seven seconds every single woman will relate to and then laugh out loud.

Thankfully Williams was not hurt from the fall and hopefully comforted by how many women have experienced that exact same reality check.

It happens to the best of us.