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This woman's boyfriend didn't pick her up from the airport. Now she's suing him.

As human beings, we rely on our significant others for many things. Sometimes they're dependable, other times, they let us down. 

For most of us, being disappointed when a loved one fails to show up when we need them might prompt us to sulk, give that person a stern talking to, or — if it's really serious — tell that person to take a hike.

For one New Zealand woman though, a cranky outburst simply wasn't going to cut it. 

Instead, she opted to sue her boyfriend, whose broken promise not only ruined her weekend, but cost her quite a few dollars too. 

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The woman had asked her partner of more than six years to pick her up from home and take her to the airport. Despite saying he would, the guy was a no show, forcing her to miss her flight, AND the concert she planned to attend.

He was also supposed to be taking care of her two dogs — another broken promise. 

While she did head off the following day and enjoyed the trip, when she returned, she decided to take some action, and try to recoup some of her lost cash.


Taking her partner to the Disputes Tribunal, the woman claimed his verbal agreement to take her to the airport and look after her dogs while she was away, was akin to a legally binding contract. 

His breaking of that verbal contract, she claimed, caused significant financial loss — not only was she forced to pay for another flight the next day, she also had to pay for an airport shuttle, and a dog kennel for the pooches. 

While she was at it, she also threw in a previous broken promise — to reimburse her for a ferry ticket on another vacation. 

Whether the woman's partner is a bit of a douchebag is up for discussion, but as for financial liability, the tribunal referee dismissed the idea that a boyfriend's promise was the same as a legal contract. 

"Partners, friends and colleagues make social arrangements, but it is unlikely they can be legally enforced unless the parties perform some act that demonstrates an intention that they will be bound by their promises," the referee said in a statement. 

"When friends fail to keep their promises, the other person may suffer a financial consequence but it may be that they cannot be compensated for that loss."

The tribunal said the promises made within the relationship fell short of a contract and dismissed the woman's case.

Unsurprisingly, the pair are no longer a couple. 

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