Woman doused in petrol and stabbed multiple times by man before he was shot dead by police.

A woman was doused in petrol after being stabbed multiple times by her former boyfriend who was later shot dead by police on the NSW North Coast.

The woman, who has this afternoon been named by media as Angela Jay, was found by police and paramedics in a pool of her own blood in a neighbour’s garage.

The 28-year-old managed to stagger down the street and call for help at around 6pm yesterday, the Daily Telegraph reports.

She was treated at the scene before being taken to Port Macquarie Base Hospital where she is reportedly in a serious by stable condition.

Police were forced to pursue the 36-year-old suspect, Paul Lambert, in a chase through the surrounding Port Macquarie, where the attack took place.

He was eventually cornered at Bonville near Coffs Harbour where a confrontation occurred and he was shot dead at around 9.45pm last night, according to NSW Police.

Image via Nine News. 

"A critical incident team from State Crime Command’s Homicide Squad will now investigate all circumstances surrounding the incident including the discharge of a police firearm," a NSW Police Force spokesman said.

Police were unable to comment on whether the couple met on Tinder or the extent of their relationship, but confirmed that on October 31 the victim took out an apprehend violence order against the offender.


"Since that time the police have been trying to find the offender and serve that but the offender has been avoiding service of that AVO," Assistant Commissioner Jeff Loy told media.

According to The Daily Mail, a man who yesterday rented Lambert a car at Port Macquarie Airport said he had spoken of flying from Sydney to make amends with his girlfriend.

"He said: 'Yeah, yeah, this is last minute. I've just had an argument with my girlfriend and I'm here to resolve it and make amends. I don't want it to finish on a bad note'," the unnamed rental company employee told the outlet.

"He was very agitated, very anxious, you know like – very anxious.

"He was speaking reasonably calmly but he was constantly saying: 'I'm in a hurry. I need a car'," the source said.

Image via Nine News.

Witnesses to the attack, which took place in a quiet suburban cul-de-sac, were shocked by what had happened.

"It’s not a grubby neighbourhood at all, it’s calm, really well kept and very nice," one neighbour told the Daily Telegraph.

"It’s just such a shock when an attack like that happens around here.

"There are a lot of families around here."

* Featured image via The Today Show