Woman smacks down anti-abortionists in three small sentences.

One woman has smacked down anti-abortionists and the editors who publish them in what is perhaps the best letter-to-the-editor of all time.

Heidi Seltz wrote to the Minneapolis Star Tribune after they published two anti-abortion letters written by men regarding the Supreme Court’s landmark  ruling on Texas’ H.B. 2 abortion legislation.

Seltz had a simple request: “It’d be nice if men would shut up and editors would help them,”

The full letter in all its published glory was picked up by a Twitter user who shared it.

Seltz told the two men who had previously written her thoughts on their opinions.

“To the two men whose anti-abortion letters were published on June 28: Unless you have a woman’s body, I don’t want to hear your opinion on what women’s bodies should or should not do,” she said.

“In fact, it would be a delight if the Star Tribune Editorial Board ceased publishing men’s letters about women’s bodies entirely.”

“Perhaps newspaper readership among young people would grow if every time we opened a paper, we didn’t have to read old men’s fusty opinions about uteri.”

Yes. This. All of this.

There’s nothing sexier than being informed about your rights.

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