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1. Melbourne woman shot in the face with a spear gun.

A woman was rushed to hospital with serious facial injuries after being shot with a spear gun.

The 43-year-old woman is in a critical condition after emergency services were called to a residence in the Hallam in Melbourne’s south east at around 11.30pm last night, according to the ABC.

The spear reportedly pierced her cheek.

A 46-year-old man has been charged with intentionally causing injury and will appear in Melbourne Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

2. Eddie McGuire blames prescription painkillers for racist Adam Goodes gaffe.

Collingwood president Eddie Mcguire has claimed he was affected by “massive painkillers” when he made offensive comments about Indigenous AFL star Adam Goodes in 2013.

Mcguire suggested Goodes be used to promote the musical King Kong, just days after the Sydney Swans player was abused by a Collingwood fan who called him an ape.

“I haven’t really said this before, but I was on massive painkillers and crutches [for] an infection in my knee,” McGuire told GQ magazine.

“I was on heavy-duty painkillers, antibiotics and steroids.”

The 51-year-old later apologised for the comments but there continues to be tension between the pair.

“He said he didn’t know if he could be my friend again and that’s his prerogative,” he said.

“I’d like to think that we would be, one day, and that I prove worthy to him.”

In 2015, he then went on to describe Goodes’ on field Indigenous “war dance” as “quite aggressive” and said commentators like himself should have been told about it in advance.


At the time the comments caused him to be labelled a “continual boofhead” by the NSW Upper House.

3. Three police officers shot dead in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Three police officers have died and three more are injured after a shooting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where Alton Sterling was shot dead by white police 12 days ago.

“Three law enforcement [officers] are confirmed dead, three others injured,” the East Baton Rouge sheriff’s office said in a statement.

It’s believed the shooting was carried out by a lone gunman armed with an assault rifle who was also killed.

“We believe the person that shot and killed our officers, that he is a person that was shot and killed at the scene,” Louisiana State Police Superintendent Colonel Mike Edmonson told reporters.

“What we do not believe is we have any other shooter in the Baton Rouge area.”

4. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to announce new ministry.

The Coalition party room meets today in Canberra for the first time since the July 2 election.

With a slew of Liberal seats lost at the poll, including those of at least two junior ministers, the Prime Minister will announce a new ministerial line up following the meeting.

The meeting is not expected to be altogether pleasant for the Prime Minister, with internal tensions simmering in the Liberal party and a confident, enlarged National Party.

Malcolm Turnbull has promised to “listen keenly” to complaints, primarily from backbenchers about the Government’s budget policy to curb superannuation tax concessions.


Around two thirds of the incoming government were guests at the Lodge last night for champagne and canapes to celebrate the election win.

Nationals MP Matt Canavan, in line for a promotion, said the Coalition needed to keep perspective about the win, and not treat it like a loss, the ABC reported.

“The Cowboys won the [NRL] Grand Final by one point last year and I don’t think they spent the next week talking about how they dropped this ball and that, they won.”

5. Turkey’s Government reasserts control after failed coup.

The Turkish Government says 6000 people have been detained in the wake of the failed coup by the military over the weekend.  More arrests are expected.

Senior military and judicial figures are among those detained, Turkish Anadolu news agency reported, according to the ABC.

The coup was declared around midday on Saturday, local time, but in the hours and days since government forces and Turkish citizens overpowered the would-be rebels.

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said more than 2800 military personnel had been arrested.

The President has signalled that the Government will consider reinstating the death penalty in the wake of the attempt.

“In democracies, decisions are made based on what the people say. I think our government will speak with the opposition and come to a decision,” he said.

“We cannot delay this anymore because in this country, those who launch a coup will have to pay the price for it.”

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