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A 29-year-old woman has been killed in an Uber by her husband.

A 29-year-old woman has been allegedly shot dead inside an Uber by her husband in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Seattle woman Jennifer Espitia had been out with her husband, 31-year-old Cameron Espitia on Saturday evening where the pair had been drinking and reportedly arguing.

According to court documents obtained by The Seattle Times“He was not having a good night with his wife.”

woman shot in an uber
Jennifer and Cameron Espitia. Source: Facebook.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, the pair ordered an Uber and according to the driver of the vehicle, continued to argue while in the car, with Jennifer sitting in the front seat and Cameron in the back.

En route the driver told police he heard a loud boom that, initially, he believed was a burst tyre but soon realised was gunfire, seeing that the woman sitting next to him had been shot in the head by her husband.

After ordering the man to continue driving, Cameron eventually told him to pull over, where he got out and reportedly stumbled into some nearby bushes. The driver immediately called 911, but tragically, Jennifer was pronounced dead at Seattle hospital shortly after.


Police officers found and arrested Espitia close to where he had left the Uber, who was reportedly carrying a pistol in an ankle holster. He is now being held for investigation with bail set at AU $3.9 million.

woman shot in an uber
Cameron and Jennifer on their 2013 wedding day. Source: Facebook.

The US coast guard worker claims he was so drunk at the time of the incident he cannot clearly remember entering the Uber or what occurred once inside.

According to The Seattle Times, Jennifer had won a number of community-service awards throughout the years, working with Planned Parenthood, local daycare centres and as part of a home building scheme in Mexico.

Jennifer and Cameron were married in August 2013.