Rosie was sent home from a job interview for not dressing "conservatively" enough.

After four months of job-hunting, a 26-year-old UK woman has been sent home from an interview after an employer deemed her outfit not conservative enough.

She was wearing a long-sleeved blouse, black skirt, stockings and boots.

“It’s not like I was wearing trainers and trackies,” Rosie Reilly told Buzzfeed UK after posting about the disastrous interview on Twitter

woman sent home from boots job interview
Rosie Reilly following her Boots job interview. Source: Twitter.

Taking place on Monday, Reilly's interview with Boots - a major UK chain - consisted of a question and answer section, followed by a trial on the shop floor.

For the first part, at least, Reilly says things went well.

“I got there for my interview and I was told to take a seat and waited. The woman who was interviewing me called me in and told me to sit down. She told me to tell her more about myself. I told her about my previous employments,” Reilly said.


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Having worked at other major UK stores like River Island, Lush, Debenhams and BHS, Reilly believed she would be a suitable fit for Boots.

But when it came time for her trial on the shop floor, she was told to go home and return again later in the week.

“The woman said: ‘The second half of the interview takes place on the shop floor but you are not really dressed conservatively enough to be seen on the shop floor, so you can come back on Thursday if you like?’" Reilly told Buzzfeed UK

When Reilly asked for clarification as to what the women meant, the woman simply pointed to her hair and clothes but provided no further information.

Given her outfit was what most of us would agree meets the standards of "conservative", Reilly believes the woman's comments may have been in reference to her partially shaved head, which she offered to style in a conspicuous way to appease the woman's concerns.

Frustrated and upset, Reilly said, “I was pretty much bawling my eyes out on the way home."

woman sent home from boots job interview
Rosie Reilly's full interview outfit. Source: Twitter.

Understandably, Reilly decided to not return for a second interview on Thursday, and has shared her interview experience with Boots via a tweet that has now received over 1500 retweets and almost 4500 likes.

 A spokesperson for the company has said they are investigating Reilly's claims.