Woman violently attacked on holiday 'offered manicure and massage as compensation'.

Georgina Mortimer, 45, was just two days into her women-only sailing holiday in the Caribbean when an unknown man entered her hotel room and attacked her.

She was brutally raped, and is suing the travel company and her hotel for negligence.

Speaking out about the ordeal in an attempt to warn others, the British mother-of-two says she made the decision to book her “dream holiday” with Girls for Sail, a Royal Yacht Association accredited company because of its women-only sailing courses.

woman raped in the caribbean

Mortimer says she was looking forward to learning to sail in a women-only environment. Source: iStock.

"I'd gone on a women only holiday to learn to sail believing I would be safe," Mortimer told The Daily Mail.

"I woke up to find myself being strangled and raped by this total stranger. I was terrified. I honestly thought I was going to die."

Staying at the Summer Breeze Villa, a sailing training centre in the hills above Rodney Bay Marina, Mortimer claims she was not given a key for her bedroom but was told doors would be locked by instructors in the evening.

woman raped in the caribbean

Inside the Summer Breeze Villa. Source: Trip Advisor.

"I woke to find a monster pinning me down in my bed attacking me, I thought I was going to be murdered," Mortimer said. "The hand on my throat pressed down so hard I thought I was going to pass out. I could hardly breathe let alone scream.

"It was around fifteen minutes of hell before someone knocked at the door and my attacker fled."

Even more shocking though, is how Girls for Sail allegedly tried to manage Mortimer and the friend that joined her following the attack.

woman raped in the caribbean

The view from the Summer Breeze Villa. Source: Trip Advisor.

"I couldn't stay in the villa but they said they'd pay for us to stay in a hotel for one night, but not two," Mortimer said.

"I was traumatised, I couldn't cope being there. Nobody had bothered to contact the British Consulate for me so I did that myself and they organised an emergency flight home for me."

Girls for Sail also allegedly failed to report the rape to the Royal Yacht Association.

Following her return to England, Mortimer submitted letters of complaint to the company and requested a refund for the holiday. In return, she said she received promotional material and a manicure and massage voucher to a local beauty salon.

"They'd described it as a little 'treat' for me and hoped I found it 'enjoyable'," Mortimer said angrily.

"As if that would cheer me up. I had been raped under their guard. I was disgusted, insulted."

woman raped in the caribbean

The Royal Yacht Association has said Mortimer's course was not RYA accredited. Source: iStock.

Now taking legal action against Girls for Sail and the Summer Breeze Villa, Mortimer's solicitor, Vidisha Joshi, explained, "tour operators, hotel owners and others in the holiday business have a duty of care to protect their customers".

Annie O Sullivan, the owner of both Girls for Sail and  the Summer Breeze Villa said: "We have been a Trip Advisor recommended 4.5 star villa since 2012 and strenuously deny the claims."

It is understood that Mortimer's rapist has not been caught.