"I deeply apologise": Woman who pushed a police officer into the bushes at the Melbourne Cup.

The Melbourne Cup brings out the best and worst in people. This was the worst.

Sarah Finn, the woman who was filmed pushing a police officer into a flower bed on Cup Day, has issued an apology.

“My level of intoxication is no excuse. I deeply apologise for my actions. I acknowledge a massive error in judgement on my behalf,” she wrote on Facebook yesterday.

The push was very random, seemingly unprovoked and – as the women learned when she was escorted away under police guard – illegal.

But, curiously, in the video Finn is heard saying the cameraman told her to do it and yesterday she wrote this message on Channel 7’s Facebook page. “You guys forgot to mention that you told me to do it.”

We don’t endorse pushes into flowerbeds, but you have to admit that even the police officer appeared to find it kind of funny in an interview after.

Video via Channel 7


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