The absolutely terrible photoshop job that sent a woman to China.

Last year a Dutch student successfully faked a five week trip to South East Asia to prove that nothing is real and all you need to convince the world you’ve been on holiday is some rudimentary Photoshop skills and a social media account.

Sadly, Nigerian woman Seve Gats fooled exactly no one when she asked a friend to cut and paste her on a trip to China.

“I have left the country to China,” she captioned an impressively shoddy picture of herself on the tarmac in February.

Then came the holiday snaps.

Here she is on the Great Wall of China. “Woow”, indeed.

Like any good holiday it was all over too soon, but by her final day abroad the Internet was well and truly hooked, sharing her snaps thousands of times.

Where in the world would Seve go next? Social media users began speculating under the hashtag #WhereIsSeveGatsNow. Turns out, she’s a real globetrotter.

Here she is with America’s first family.

Taking a cruise with fellow Internet sensation Boaty McBoatFace.

At a royal wedding.

With Hollywood royalty… in 2014. (Apparently you can also Photoshop yourself through time).

Skydiving in Dubai.

It wasn’t just social media users who were captivated by Seve, either. Nigerian businessman Sam Gichuru “harrassed” his friends to raise enough money to send her to China, for real this Summer.

“Thanks #SamGichuru and your friends for helping my dreams turn true,” she posted on Facebook page.

Just a case of life imitating some truly terrible art, I guess.

Here’s a bit of travel inspiration for her next holiday.

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