Sydney woman casually picks up shark and moves him from pool on just your average weekday.

When Melissa Hatheier woke up on Tuesday morning, we’re willing to bet a solid $50 wrestling a shark wasn’t what she thought she’d be doing.

But when the Cronulla real estate agent’s mother rang in need of a hand, she couldn’t very well leave her in the lurch.

In a video on the Cronulla Real Estate Facebook page that’s since gone viral, Hatheier can be seen lifting the child-size Port Jackson shark out of the ocean pool in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire in possibly the calmest manner we’ve ever seen of a person within the vacinty of a shark.

“My mum swims there every morning with friends and they rang me saying there was a shark, so I ran down there,” the woman superhero told the ABC.

“I saw it and it was just a little Port Jackson so I just thought I should chuck him out. I just thought I would try and catch him. I just dived on him. It was just like picking up a toddler.”

We should point out Port Jackson sharks are nothing like toddlers, with the blunt-shaped headed creatures growing up to 1.65 metres long.

While Hatheier seemed 100 per cent unfazed about the idea of wrangling a shark with her bare hands, she made sure to mention she “wouldn’t have done it with a great white”.

Wise choice Melissa. Wise choice.