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A woman has been arrested for killing her husband and feeding his body to her dog.

Warning: Post contains graphic details.

Svetlana Batukova has been arrested by Spanish authorities for the murder of her husband, German-born Horst Hans Henkels.

It is alleged that Batukova, 46, stabbed Henkels, 66, with a kitchen knife in their home in Mallorca. She then proceeded to slice off flesh from his arms and hand-feed them to her Staffordshire bull terrier.

After hours of watching her husband bleed out, Batukova finally called the police, who arrived to find her standing in a pool of Henkels’ blood.

She is believed to have been in the midst of a psychotic episode, brought on by an overdose of drugs and alcohol.

Svetlana Batukova. Image via Facebook. 

According to unconfirmed local reports, Batukova had recently agreed to pay €50,000 to a man she met in a bar for her husband's murder.

It is alleged that police had previously been called to the couple's home to settle domestic violence disputes.

Investigators are looking into the possibility that Henkels was drugged prior to the attack. It is also a possibility that he was unable to call for help during the attack as a result of recent surgery on his trachea.

Batukova will appear in court on Monday to face murder charges.

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