Woman has baby in car in 2 minutes. Husband pulls out GoPro and films it all.

Warning: graphic images (and some screaming) ahead. 

And today, in things that make us never want to give birth, a women in Texas has given birth to a 10-pound baby in her car while driving to the hospital.

Yes, ten pounds. That’s 4.5 kilos.

The couple had been driving to the Bay Area Birth Centre near Houston when the mother’s labour began to intensify and things start to get really painful.

And suddenly it was COMING OUT. Right there on the seat. She barely had time to pull down her pants.

Watch the video here: Post continues below. 

Of course, instead of calling an ambulance or pulling over so he could help his wife deliver their son, the husband filmed the whole thing.

Now, I’ve never birthed a human being and I’ve never seen any one give birth. But their are only two things I want when and if I have to push a small person out of my lady parts: drugs and a hospital. And possibly a partner who is willing to hold my hand.

This woman had neither of those things. And it looks f*cking excuciating.

Of course, we have questions for her husband. Alys, the editor of The Motherish wants to know why he didn’t just pull over.

“Was he holding the go pro the whole time? Why? Why didn’t he hold her hand? Why hasn’t any one called an ambulance? Why didn’t he stop driving? I don’t understand. I REALLY DON’T UNDERSTAND.” she said.

That is the ten-pound question- WHY DIDN’T HE STOP THE CAR? He does helpfully undo her seatbelt for her though. What a champ.

“We did it! Hi 5, babe.” he says after the baby is born. Erm, no. She did it. Well done, superstar. And welcome to the world, little boy. You’re already an internet star.

Have you had a baby? Was your birth as dramatic as this?

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