How to make a wedding truly memorable: Give birth right when the photographer clicks.

A woman in New Zealand has given birth to a baby only hours after saying ‘I do.’

Liz and Mario Shlimon had booked a registry office wedding for the 6th of June, just 11 days before their first baby was due.

But as everyone who’s had a child knows – babies don’t always stick to schedules.

Liz’s waters broke the day before her wedding, but the couple decided to continue with the scheduled 2pm ceremony the next day. She went into labour at the hairdresser the next morning.

However nobody was going to put baby in the corner.  Liz powered on, determined to say her vows and take her husbands name so their baby girl was born into the world with ‘the right last name and everything.’

“I was thinking, ‘just hold on there, just hang on. I’ve got to get through,’ she said.

The bride arrived fashionably late to the ceremony, delaying the walk down the aisle by several minutes so she could breathe through a painful contraction.

In a not so shocking twist, Liz only made it halfway through the reception before deciding to head to the hospital, where the couple was greeted with makeshift confetti and flowers from enthusiastic onlookers.

Midwife Verity O’Connor lead the expectant parents to what she dubbed the honeymoon suite. “She had been wearing these precarious heels. I couldn’t believe she managed to walk in them, in labour,’ O’Connor said.

Eva Alishwa Shlimon was born at 9.50pm that night.

We think it’s safe to say her happy parents will never forget her birthday.