Melbourne strip club where woman was found dead accused of censoring Facebook posts.

Angry social media users have attacked the Melbourne strip club where a British woman died, accusing its owners of censoring posts about the dancer’s death.

Stacey Tierney, 29, was found slumped in Dreams Gentleman’s Club on the morning of December 19 and is believed to have been dead for up to 12 hours before she was discovered.

The fitness instructor, who had been living in Australia for three years, was understood to have been partying with several men inside the Elizabeth Street venue before her death on Sunday, 18 December.

It is not known yet whether Ms Tierney had died before the men left, but the homicide squad are overseeing the investigation into her death.

The club spoke for the first time about the fitness instructor’s death on Wednesday afternoon after days of its owners failing to acknowledge anything had happened – even reportedly taking down posts about Ms Tierney on the Dreams’ Facebook page.

A post to the page on Wednesday morning called for the club to “stop deleting people’s posts RE: the death of Stacey Tierney”.

Stacey Tierney was found dead inside Dreams Gentleman's Club. (Image via Facebook/Stacey Tierney)

"Your establishment has so far made zero public acknowledgement of the fact that this has even happened. This is a beyond shameful and beyond disrespectful way for you to be responding," the Facebook user wrote.

Another person asked, "Why haven’t you issued a statement regarding the death of Stacey Tierney?"

"Shame on you all - carrying on like nothing has happened ~ rest in peace beautiful lady," commented another.


The club's owners later said they were cooperating with Victoria Police's "ongoing investigation into the circumstances surrounding Stacey’s death" in a statement made to

Ms Tierney had been travelling and living Australia for three years. (Image via Facebook/Stacey Tierney)

"However, until such time as all the facts are known and the police investigation has concluded, we are unable to make any further comment or statements in relation to this matter."

The statement also said the staff, management and owners "extend their sincere sympathies and condolences to the family and friends of Stacey Tierney, who recently passed away".

Police are awaiting the results of a post-mortem to determine Ms Tierney's cause of death.

A Victoria Police spokesman refused to say if all the men that had been at the club had been located or say when post mortem results, which include toxicology tests, were expected.

Her family were notified of her death and have been fundraising on website GoFundMe to have her body repatriated to the UK.

Ms Tierney's cousin Colleen told the Manchester Evening News her cousin was a "free spirit" who had been planning to study in Melbourne.

"We obviously knew how great she was. We were so proud of her and spoke to her all the time," Colleen said.

"She was so fit and loved dancing. She came back for Christmas last year."

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