Move over, Christmas crackers: People are finding presents in their Easter eggs now.

An easter egg enthusiast in the UK received a rude shock earlier today when she opened her Cadbury Twirl Egg box and discovered – gasp – some poor soul’s reading glasses hidden inside.

glasses in egg


Charlotte Garner quickly jumped on social media to alert Cadbury of the Easter faux pas, saying, “one of your workers must have left their glasses and I now have them.”

Of course, social media quickly jumped on the bandwagon with a load of Easter-themed jokes.

“Look out Kinder,” joked one commenter, “Cadbury’s got it’s own surprises!”

“Bet you didn’t see that coming!” Said another.

“Someone’s trying to use a Twirl to read the paper this morning,” joked another.

We can only pray that the glasses are returned to their rightful owner, and that Charlotte is reimbursed for her mild confusion with a lifetime supply of Twix bars.

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