The 70-year-old woman shamed at the gym by a Playboy model has spoken for the first time.

In August of last year, a 70-year-old woman had finished up her workout at the gym, undressed and hung up her clothes and backpack in the locker room to have a shower.

It was then that Playboy Playmate Dani Mathers snapped an image of her and posted it online with the caption, “If I can’t unsee this, then you can’t either”.

Thirty-year-old Mathers has since been sentenced to 30 days of community service removing graffiti, and will spend three years on probation. She will also not be able to take photos of people and post them online without their permission.

And while Mathers has been vocal about her regret about the incident, there's one person who has not yet spoken publicly: the woman whose photo and naked body was snapped and shared without her knowledge.

The woman wishes to remain anonymous, but her lawyer, Mike Feuer, has spoken to the LA Times on her behalf.

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Her desire to remain unnamed is so strong, she asked for just $60 in restitution so she could buy a new backpack. Her backpack, along with her body, was depicted in the image, and she was able to be identified by the accessory.

The woman simply wanted to be able to buy a new one so people would no longer know who she was.

Mike Feuer said the woman has been "humiliated" by the entire incident.

"She wishes the whole chapter, this painful chapter, would close," he said.

"The impact of this incident is irreparable. And it causes harm that will reverberate on and on.


"Body shaming is inhumane. And it tears down the victim's self-respect. It has devastating consequences."

Mathers' image and caption was not only an invasion of her privacy in what was meant to be a safe and personal space at her gym, but her caption stigmatised the woman for her size and body.

Feuer also wants to remind the public that his client is the real victim, after Dani made a tearful appearance on ABC News.

"I haven't been able to actually meet the woman involved, although I've wanted to," Mathers said.

"I never meant to hurt her. I never, ever intended on showing the world this photo. And that I hope that she could forgive me. I don't expect her to forget. I don't expect her to like me. I just — I really want her forgiveness."

But Feuer said the model's claims that she has attempted to reach out to the victim are false.

"One thing that appears to be the case now is that Ms. Mathers is attempting to portray herself as the victim," he said.

"She is not the victim. She is the perpetrator.

"She claims that she's tried to contact the victim, I presume to apologise...that surprises the victim, who told me she is unaware of any attempt by Ms. Mathers to reach out to her."