A woman faked her death to get out of a bad date. Logical.

Picture the worst date you’ve ever been on.

When the opportunity for date number two came around, what did you do? Did you politely decline? Or did you do what 29-year-old British woman Anna Gray did, and simply fake your death?

You didn’t? That was probably the sensible choice, clever you.

Gray was faced with this dilemma after a man known only as “Bad Date” asked her out on a second date – presumably their first date included extreme racism and some form of faeces because she REALLY didn’t want to give him a second go. Pushing all sense of human decency out of her mind, she knew just what to do.

What a truly awful Tinder date looks like, in Tweets.

She got her “sister” to send a text message to Bad Date, explaining that she was very ill and in the hospital.

Bad Date wanted to make sure his potential bride-to-be was OK.

Then shit escalated quickly.


Unless there was only one hospital in Gray’s tiny and remote community that is Britain, it’s unlikely that Bad Date located the right one.

Still, good on Gray for standing up for herself (and women everywhere) by explaining that she has the right to decline unwanted advances from men.

Wait… never mind.