Mother dies just moments before completing the last item on her bucket list.

A mother described as “fun” and “adventurous” by those close to her has died just moments before completing the final item on her bucket list.

Tina Werner was reportedly standing on the final platform of a zip-line attraction in her home state of Delware in the United States, when she fell more than 10 metres to the ground.

Employees desperately administered first aid in an attempt to revive the 59-year-old, before paramedics rushed her to a nearby hospital.

It was there that Werner later died from her injuries.

Werner fell more than 10m from a platform. Image: Facebook.

In a heartbreaking Facebook post just hours after her mother's death, Werner's daughter, Melissa Slater, encouraged her friends to hold their families close.

"Today, about three hours ago, I was told that my mother has died," she wrote.

"Full of love and adventure, I am thankful to be her daughter. My mom died completing her bucket list, zip lining in Newark. During this time, I seek to understand God's purpose. I want to take this opportunity to remind you that we never know when we are no longer on this earth.

"This is truly the hardest situation that I have ever faced. I ask for you prayers for my family. I would also like to ask for prayers as I learn how to make arrangements."

According to local news station, NBC 10, Werner had already ticked off riding in a hot-air balloon and travelling to Venice, Italy.

Local authorities are still working to determine precisely what lead to Werner's fatal fall. However, in a statement released to the media, the operators of the 965m course, Go Ape, claimed she was not attached to the safety mechanism.

"Participant witnesses have stated that at the time of the accident the participant had unfortunately disconnected herself from the safety system," the statement said according to NBC 10.

"We confirm that a full inspection of the course, with particular focus on the last platform at Site 4, has been undertaken and all of the course and associated safety equipment was and remains in sound operational condition. Nothing was broken or unserviceable."

The company said it was the first death recorded at any of its 15 locations.