A mother was found dead on Friday. These are the messages she received six months ago.


Just after 1am on Friday morning, officers discovered the body of 39-year-old Kristie Powell in her Wollongong home.

Police are now hunting for the killer of the woman, who was found dead metres from her unharmed five-month old boy.

Facebook posts reveal that six months ago, Ms Powell warned her friends that she would not be answering any private numbers as she was being stalked by a man who she knew.

In the chilling post, Ms Powell revealed he was sending her death threats. She added in the comments section that he was a short-term employee two years ago who “became obsessed” with her.

“He is mentally unwell & I have contacted the police about him on a few occasions but there is nothing that can really do as he is considered nonthreatening!?” Ms Powell told her concerned Facebook friends in the March post.

woman dead wollongong
Image via Facebook.

The mother shared that the man would send her messages, sometimes over 100 in one day, such as "Die Kristie Die".

"Even tho most of his messages say 'Die Kristie Die' he doesn't approach me or my house, he just calls me or sends me msgs (sometimes I get over 100 a day!) But none of them make any sense!," Ms Powell said.

"He needs serious help by the mental health system just keep releasing him."

According to ABC News, police have said that Ms Powell was covered in a significant amount of blood when she was discovered and they are treating her death as a "homicide".