She lost 18 years of her life in six weeks.



The 1990s were a great time for all. Spice Girls, Nirvana and Silverchair were at the top of the charts. Choker necklaces, snap pants and oversize sneakers were all the rage. But it ended, and we all moved on.

But strangely, unfortunately, curiously for one woman, the 1990s are still very much alive.

Candice Emptage had a serious car accident in 2010 and she was in a coma for six weeks. Somewhere in that time, she lost 18 years of her life. Candice woke up and thought she was 22, not 40.

She didn’t recognise her partner.

She didn’t even recognise her 14-year-old daughter.


Candice. Image via Facebook.

“They told me I had a daughter and I just stared at them and said, ‘what?'” Candice told Daily Mail.

 “When she came to the hospital I had no idea who she was, I just couldn’t believe I had a teenage daughter.”

During her coma, Candice’s family discussed switching off the machines but a twitch of her finger gave them hope, and she eventually woke up.

While Candice has grown to bond with her daughter, she split with her partner of six years just after waking up.

Candice. Image via Facebook.

The story sounds like a movie, and very much mirrors the plot of the Nicholas Sparks’ novel, The Vow.

Candice has been recovering for four years now, but says she still can’t remember anything from before her accident.

“I thought I was 22. I still cannot remember my childhood, going to school or my oldest friends.”