A woman outsmarted an alleged rapist in one clever move.

A split-second decision by a victim of rape has resulted in her attacker being caught and charged.

The victim was allegedly kidnapped by a man who took her to an adult entertainment store car park in order to sexually assault her at 4am on Monday, according to WSB-TV.

The woman from Georgia, US was told by her alleged rapist, Robert Giles, to call her boyfriend so he could hear the attack taking place.

Instead, she called 911.

Clayton County police Maj. Joe Woodall told WSB-TV, “She explained to (the operator) what the perpetrator had told her; that he was wanting him to listen while she was being raped.”

woman calls 911 instead of boyfriend
Source: WSBTV.

Luckily, the 911 operator, Deonte Smith, played along with the victim, pretending to be her boyfriend while seeking enough details in order to locate and arrest Giles.

Smith also attempted to stop Giles from assaulting the woman while on the phone.


Woodall praised Smith for his part, saying, “It was quick thinking on his behalf. In fact, (it) might have saved her life.”

“They were able to stop it right then and there and snatched him right from the car,” Woodall said.

According to abc13, Smith explained his actions, saying, “You got two seconds to think. That’s it. And in those two seconds you got to have your decision made.”

Abc13 reported that Giles merely “shook his head when the judge read the charges for rape, false imprisonment and obstruction”.

 woman calls 911 instead of boyfriend
Deonte Smith. Source: abc13.

Although Smith has been widely praised for his own quick thinking, he explained to abc13 that he was ‘just doing his job”.

“I take no credit for none of this,” he explained. “I’m glad I was there to help her. I mean I can’t say it enough.”