Can you tell what's wrong with these pyjamas?

One little pair of pyjamas: One little dirty secret.

A young woman was shocked to discover the seemingly innocent pyjamas she bought at UK retailer Ann Summers were hiding a rather sexy secret.

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Source: Twitter.

It would appear the designers behind this print had a few things on their mind when creating this set. Things like sex, threesomes, and shrubbery.

Twitter user Shannon Brown posted the image with an insight into the moment she tweaked.

"When you buy your pj's out of Ann Summers thinking it's a cute design, to go home and realise folk are shagging all over you," she said.

The set sells on the retailer's site as the "Voyeur Lace Set" at $51 AUD.

It's not as if the company were really hiding anything with this one - they are after all, a store famous for their sex toys.

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The official Ann Summers website describes the set as a "delightful" mix of "comfort and sexy".

"The Voyeur Lace Set is a delightful concoction of comfort and sexy rolled into one. The cami has soft sheer lace cups finished with a big bow," it reads.

'The subtle monochrome print, reminiscent of French romantic illustration, looks innocent but upon closer inspection... it's naughtier than you think."

Yep. It certainly is.