A woman single handedly broke up an anti-abortion protest by yelling "yeast infection".

Who knew thrush was a super power?

Mary Numair, a long time supporter and frequenter of Planned Parenthood in the US, had grown tired of the anti-choice vitriol being spouted by protesters at her local clinic in Oregon and resolved to hold a counter protest.

Armed with a placard, which read, “Dear P.P., thanks for helping me with my yeast infections!”, she managed to dispel the group of campaigners by repeatedly yelling the words “yeast infection” at them.

The woman is an hilarious genius, basically.

Mary Numair showing off her sign on Twitter (@MaryNumair).

The 28-year-old copywriter wanted to make the point that Planned Parenthood offers a range of reproductive health and family-planning services.

In her early twenties, the clinic had helped her to treat UTIs, yeast infections and provided her with her first prescription for the contraceptive pill.

“Planned Parenthood is vital resource for so many people,” she told BuzzFeed News.

“We have to look beyond the pro-life/pro-choice debate and recognize this organization is out there providing some of the most important care to our sensitive medical needs.”

Ms Numair says she had previously made numerous attempts to reason with the protesters but her “yeasty cries” were the first thing to elicit a response.

“They glared at my princess wave and cheerleader enthusiasm, and they began a prayer circle. This is when I really shined. I have never made my voice louder,” she said.

“One woman turned around during their prayer to shake her head at me, to which I responded: ‘OMG do you have a yeast infection? I know who can help you!’ She covered her kid’s ears.”

One passer-by apparently called her a “whore”, but for the most part people seem to have been very supportive, or at least empathetic.

Yes we Candida, indeed.