This guy learned the hard way why you never get between a woman and her pizza.

What’s worse than being hangry? Having someone rip your food from your plate while you are hangry.

So when this man, Dee Breezy, ate some of his girlfriend’s pizza, she wasn’t about to let it slide. No way, Jose.

Instead, the woman named De’ja Davis unleashed the angriest of smackdowns calling out his atrocious food theft.

And he bravely recorded the whole thing on Snapchat, later uploading the clips to Twitter.

In the video, she explains she doesn’t “want to share anything I’m digesting.”

“I work hard for my money. I just want to eat good on my own,” she said.

Even the people seated behind her then gave their two cents on the matter.

But the drama didn’t end there. She later texted him her reasoning and remarking that he “plotted on getting my food when you knew I was hungry”. 


She later told BuzzFeed he was a serial food stealer.

“I asked him a million times, ‘Do you want anything? Chicken, pizza, anything?’ because he always picks on my food — always,” she said.

“This was not the first time. And I’d had enough of it.”

Being so damn relatable, the video has attracted tens of thousands of likes and retweets.

It also hilariously triggered the opposing hashtags #EatHerFood2016 and #IStandWithDeja.

Whatever team you stand with, just be prepared for all hell to break loose if ever you get between a woman and her cheesy bliss.

You've been warned.