"It might be the best six months of your life.” Woman banned by judge from social media.

A Queensland woman has been banned from using any social media after she published nude photos of another woman on Facebook.

Courtney Marie Mulkentine, 19, of Gympie , pleaded guilty to using an electronic carriage service to harass or offend on January 26.

Courtney Marie Mulkentine can no longer use social media. Via Facebook.

The court heard she uploaded photos of another woman sent to her by the other woman's ex-boyfriend.

After the victim phoned her to complain she removed the photos and apologised reports The Gympie Times. 

But Magistrate Baldwin said it wasn’t enough.

Ms Mulkentine did try to apologise but the judge said it wasn't enough. Via Facebook.

The magistrate said there had been cases of suicide prompted by social media harassment.

"If you want to use social media, you do it responsibly," she said.

"What would you do if the girl had gone and killed herself? We don't know what else is going on in her life (that may have led to a crisis for the victim)."

She placed Mulkentine on six months probation, with a condition that she not use Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and any other social medium "some geek comes up with".

"Don't try to use another account or a false name.

"Someone will dob you," she said.

"It might be the best six months of your life. You won't have to look at your phone every five minutes."

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