'Everyone is talking about Witchery's new collection. Here's my honest take as a size 14/16.'

When you think of iconic Australian fashion brands, Witchery likely comes to mind. 

Witchery has long been known for modern fashion aimed at working women, also offering elevated everyday pieces that could be worn from day to night.

They've also done commendable work with the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation through their white shirt campaign since 2018.

However, this week Witchery launched their "Bold Awakening" collection as part of a major brand refresh, moving away from their classic everyday basics and corporate wear. 

This rebrand, led by a new creative director, is targeting women who want to feel "forever 30." However, the launch hasn't gone as smoothly as they might have hoped.

I've spoken to hundreds of women on social media about this rebrand — and not all of them are happy. 

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Many are upset that a brand they once cherished has shifted so drastically in its target market and now feel excluded and like their new pieces aren’t as wearable. Others appreciate the change, finding it more modern and contemporary.

One glaring issue with the new direction is the lack of diversity in their campaign imagery, as well as the imagery on their website. 


Their Instagram showed about 12 images, all featuring the same body type and similar size. 

The models were stunning, but many of us who aren’t a size six or eight felt entirely unrepresented. 

Even though the range supposedly includes sizes 4 to 18, this wasn’t evident in the imagery.

Another notable absence was the size 20. 

Witchery was praised last year for extending their sizing up to a size 20, which was a significant win for many women who struggled to find fashion forward stylish options in an extended size range. 

The exclusion of size 20 feels like a step backward.

Since Witchery originally didn't showcase a diverse range of body types with their latest collection, I took it upon myself to head in-store and try on the new pieces. 

Across my socials, I wanted to give my fellow curvy girls a sense of how these clothes might fit a size 14/16 body shape like mine and past a sample size. 

For reference, I’m 164cm with an hourglass shape.

I walked in with zero expectations. Based on the promo images, I thought, “there’s no way any of this is going to fit me.” 

But I put on my personal stylist hat, kept an open mind, and gave it a shot (you can watch it below). 


Stay with me. 

Because I was pleasantly surprised and I liked it more than I thought that I would. 

The cuts were better than expected, and the fabric quality was impressive. 

I tried on a pair of 100 per cent wool pants that were lovely, and the heels were super comfy (and I rarely say that about heels). 

While the collection featured many cropped tops that I could take or leave, I adored the high-waisted denim and the stunning shirt dress.

However, the lack of body diversity in their marketing was dismal and they need to do better as do many of Australian fashion brands (we are watching). 


If you offer sizes 4 to 18, show a diverse range of women wearing the clothes. 

And I completely understand the disappointment of women who wear a size 20 that may not be able to shop at Witchery anymore. 

It's essential for brands to learn from this situation and strive to do better.

When you extend your size range, don't retract it. And make sure you're communicating this extension of sizing effectively through diverse representation in your marketing. 

I've seen other Australian brands extend their sizes only to pull back because they didn’t sell, likely because they never communicated the change effectively. 

Since posting my reel showing the latest collection on my size 14/16 hourglass body, countless women have messaged me saying they now want to try the collection. Some have even purchased items online because they could finally visualise how the clothes might look on them. 

You can thank me later, Witchery.

And in fact, since I’ve written this, it looks like Witchery are taking on some of the (very vocal) feedback on board. 

Yesterday — two days after posting the original imagery and launching the new collection — they are now featuring a beautiful curve model on their social media platforms. 

This is a great step towards more diversity and inclusion. And after the feedback, I hope they continue on this path.

Feature image: Supplied. 

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