Australian radio host announces he's going to be a dad. Cries on air.

Well, this is kind-of beautiful.

Two grown men, great buddies, crying together when they find out one of them is going to be a dad.

Michael “Wippa” Wiplfli announced that his wife, Lisa, is pregnant — live on the Fitzy & Wippa Show on Nova.

He cried. Fitzy cried. Everyone cried.

This is how Fitzy reacted when he heard the news, delicate flower that he is: “Get stuffed! Are you serious. I’m crying, I’m welling up. There’s going to be a little baby Wipfli. That is so good!”

Wippa said: “We bought a house yesterday and we found out that everything was 100% as healthy as possible at the three month mark. Because you go into these things and you don’t know if everything is going to work. I just can’t believe that the result is exactly what we wanted and we’re so lucky we’re healthy enough to make the whole thing happen.”

Baby Wipfli is due on January 27th.

We expect there will be more happy-crying from both these guys before then.

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