Wippa captured 360-degree virtual reality footage of his son's birth.

Like any dad, Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfly never wants to forget the moment his new baby arrived into the world. And thanks to virtual reality cameras, he won’t have to.

The Nova radio host and his wife, Lisa, employed the futuristic technology to capture 360-degree footage of the cesarean birth of his second child, Jack Walter David Wipfli, on Saturday.

“There’s not many births that have been shot in virtual reality,” he said on air this morning.

“You’ll be able to put the goggles on your head, and you’ll be able to be in the birthing suite like you are standing there.”

Time to meet our little man ???? #familyoffour

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Wippa said that while his wife was prepared for the shoot (she’d gotten her hair done before they went to hospital) things got a little tense in the delivery room.

“Lisa got a bit frustrated, because while she was getting a spinal tap and they were whacking 101 needles in her back… I should have been holding her hand,” he told co-host Fitzy, “But I was just outside with Hamish, the guy who was filming the whole thing in VR.”

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Thankfully, little Jack made a smooth entrance, weighing in at 3.35kg. “Everything went to plan,” Wippa told Confidental.

“Lisa was a trooper and Jack entered the world relaxed and completely nude.”

Their new son is the fourth member of the Wipfli family, providing a little brother for 16-month-old Theodore.

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