"It's almost a uniform for me": 5 stylish women share their go-to outfit for winter.

I don't know about you, but I've got no idea what to wear this winter.

After spending most of last season in trackpants and hoodies, I'm a little unsure about what ~suitable~ clothes to wear when leaving the house during these colder months.

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I spoke to five of the most stylish women I know, including content creators and stylists, to find out what their go-to outfit is during winter.

Here's what they had to say. 

Kristy Koutsogiannis, Stylist and former Fashion Editor.

The outfit (or should I say the piece) that I have on high rotation for winter is my red vinyl floor-length trench coat.

For winter I like to keep super warm; so most of the time, it means chunky layers in dark tones. But trying to add some spirit to the season, I always go for a coat that is not only weatherproof (I live in London and it's true about the snow and rain) but something that screams colour and style. Cue the coat of my dreams.

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This piece has saved me on many occasions while being stuck in the rain, adds drama to any look and most importantly, puts a smile on my face and sometimes passersby. It also has the added bonus of adding curves to my frame and defines my shape! I find it's super important to find something that really suits your shape but flatters your personal style, too.

Tamara Davis, Head of Lifestyle at Mamamia.

This is the combo I live in all year round, but for winter I'll switch my usual black blazer to a long-line duster coat. This one is vintage silk, and my partner likes to make jokes about The Matrix when I wear it. The jeans are my fave Kmart $20 pair. I really think with a white tee, jeans and a jacket you can't go wrong.

I've always had a weird aversion to closed-in shoes, so I live in sandals through winter. If it's absolutely freezing or raining, I'll chuck on some loafers with this look.

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Paige Kennedy, Content Creator.

I have always loved winter for the fashion. Being able to wear layers such as a knitted vest, which is very on-trend right now, just elevates any look! 


My go-to outfits are always centred around a good staple coat that you can throw over some classic jeans or trousers. Pair that with some winter boots and you've got the perfect comfy, yet stylish outfit.

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FiFi Milne, Personal Shopper.

My favourite outfit for winter has to be leather (or pleather) pants and a big coat, on repeat! Then I pull on white boots or white shoes and I am good to go. It can be a variation of black pants, khaki pants or pleather shorts.

I grab an easy slouchy knit and toss on a big oversized coat. It might be in brown, it might be black or it might be a trench. I stick to a tonal look and then add white boots, sneakers or mules to lighten it up. The great thing about black leather pants is that they instantly add a little texture and a cool edge to your look (whereas boring black pants are just that: snooze fest).

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Leather pants and a big coat are almost a uniform for me, which is a good thing. Having a uniform means you know your style. Plus, there's a hidden benefit: nothing needs ironing! You can be out the door in two secs and always look polished.

Sammy Raad, Content Creator.

Layering is awesome! Nothing beats a cute mini dress, denim jacket, stockings and boots. Not to mention the tartan snood. I love mixing patterns and colours, but keeping it classic and stylish. Winter allows us to play with different prints and textiles and feel absolutely fabulous!

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What's your go-to outfit for winter? Let us know in the comments below.

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