It's so damn cold at the winter Olympics, makeup is literally FREEZING on people's faces.

One of the really great things about living in Australia is never having to deal with freezing cold temperatures. So spare a thought for everyone over in Pyeongchang for the winter Olympics at the moment, where makeup is literally FREEZING on people’s faces.

Yep, while we’re out here lapping up the summer sunshine and dealing with unbearable humidity, there are people over in South Korea, who as we speak, are having to remove their makeup with an ice pick.

Former British Olympic skeleton racer turned sports commentator Amy Williams was the first one to alert us to this truly horrifying occurrence when she asked her Twitter followers for makeup recommendations.


“So anyone know of good make up that is oil based?? Our latest update from other presenters in Pyeongchang, Korea for #winterOlympics is that water based make up literally is freezing on your face it’s that cold!! #help #facefreeze,” she tweeted.

Short of painting your face with antifreeze, we’d just stay at home dressed in a doona, TBH.

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The 35-year-old gold medallist later spoke to Allure, and told them she’d been talking with some CNN reporters who’d said their water-based creams and makeup products were freezing on their faces.

Despite this, Amy still opted to get on a plane to South Korea, where it’s so cold, people have presumably thrown out their fridges.


“I will find out when I arrive tomorrow just how bad it is!” she told Allure on Monday.

Oh, it’s bad, Amy. It’s bad… Snowmen have taken over.

While suggestions for oil-based makeup came flooding in, some people unhelpfully suggested she simply goes makeup-free.


According to science people, water freezes at zero degrees, which is why water-based makeup is not a good idea in freezing temperatures.

It’s best to use oil or silicone-based products instead if you know you’re going into frostbite-inducing areas where you are literally going to want to die.

Either that, or just book a holiday to the Caribbean. It’s never cold, and you can spend your days sipping cocktails on the beach while your water-based makeup literally melts off your face instead. Pure bliss.