Editor's Picks: The 6 best beauty and style trends to try this winter.

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Rain. Darkness. Freezing temperatures. Autumn and winter aren’t exactly taking out the Most Inspiring Season award.

Thankfully, that doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to be equally as drab. From ‘70s-inspired flares you can actually build into your work wardrobe, to vampy lip colours, we’ve found the six A/W trends that will work seamlessly with your existing kit.

Trend One: ‘70s nostalgia.

Flares. Bell sleeves. Whimsical dresses. Suede pinafores. Noticed them flocking down the runways and piling up in every clothing store you’ve entered recently? Make no mistake, the ‘70s are back.

The hero item: Bardot Mariano pants, $89.95. 
If you often stick to pants in winter, befriend a pair of these. A bold update to last season’s patterned pant, these flares will inject some ‘70s fun into your wardrobe faster than you can say “groovy legs”. The other reason we’re obsessed with these? Westfield Style Ambassador Delta Goodrem included them in her Own Your Story style edit. Hey, if they’re good enough for Delta…

Bardot Mariano Pants. Image Supplied.

Trend Two: Stripes.

In a wintery sea of black, white and grey, stripes are my shining, safe lighthouse. As far as I’m concerned they’re a ‘neutral’ and you won’t find a skirt, pair of jeans or leather jacket they don’t work perfectly with.

The hero item: Ally Fashion Stripe Pocket Shirt, $25.99
When it comes to looking as though you’ve put serious thought into your outfit (when really you’ve spent every five minutes from 6:15am to 7am hitting the snooze button) a chic striped shirt is the way to go. The horizontal striped pockets add something a little different to this 9 to 5 staple.

Ally Fashion Stripe Pocket Shirt. Image Supplied.

Trend Three: Glowing skin

Okay, so it’s not as though luminous skin is ever out of fashion, but this season we’re seeing the pendulum swing back to the barely-there makeup trend. The key here? Perfecting your base.

The hero item: Diorskin Nude Fluid Foundation, $86.
My go-to splurge is this foundation. While it doesn’t offer high coverage, it evens out skin tone beautifully and give you that glow without making your face look like an oil slick.

Diorskin Nude Fluid Foundation. Image Supplied.

Trend Four: Lace

Oh lace, you old flirt, you. While lace is often something you associate with the Duchess of Cambridge, this season it’s had a bit of a badass upgrade. Think lace panels on chic shirts and lace-hemmed skirts.


The hero item: Cue Tech Stretch Lace Contrast Dress, $329.00
This zip-front dress is softened up by lace fabric along the sleeves and shoulders. Yes, it’s expensive, but does a LBD ever go out of style? (Rhetorical question, obviously.)

Cue Tech Stretch Lace Contrast Dress. Image Supplied.

Trend Five: Colour

Possibly one of the most exciting emerging trends is simply colour. Flicking through racks of this season’s new clothes brings me the same joy and dilemma that opening up my Derwent pencil tin did as a kid - how can I possibly choose?! If you’re a little apprehensive about anything too bright, start with a colourful scarf or knit and slowly expand the rainbow to the rest of your wardrobe.

The hero item: David Lawrence Astor Trench Coat, $261.75
Your classic black coat? Let it hibernate in the closet this year and take up with a coloured variation instead. This bright blue woollen coat makes smile just looking at it. The tie around the middle? The definition of flattering, people.

David Lawrence Astor Trench Coat. Image Supplied.

The hero item:
Sportsgirl Pout About It Lipstick in Bitten, $9.95
Rarely do you find a quality, pigmented lipstick that will give you change from a tenner. This vampy, bang-on mix of plum and red wine adds a burst of colour to whatever you’re wearing.

Sportsgirl Pout About It Lipstick in Bitten. Image Supplied.

Trend Six: Metallics

Any trend that’s a cousin of sequins is welcome on my person. While metallic bomber jackets and skirts may have reigned supreme last season, this year it’s all about small pops of shine that set off even the plainest outfit.

The hero item: Mink Pink Minimal Damages Sunglasses in Gold, $49.95. 
Yes, you still need shades in winter, people. Just as you still need to protect your skin by wearing sunscreen in the colder months. These retro-inspired sunglasses will do the trick.

Mink Pink Minimal Damages Sunglasses in Gold. Image Supplied.

The hero item:
Backstage round bag, $49.95.
It has to be said, rose gold is definitely the leader of the metallic pack. This circular bag is big enough to fit your phone and key items (lip balm and random receipts, obviously) while still looking delicate.

Backstage round bag. Image Supplied.

What's your favourite autumn/winter trend?