Meet Winston Smushface: The cat that has Australia talking.

Cats are quickly mastering all facets of the new media landscape.

They have long dominated Youtube channels the world over, but they are now proving their adaptability on other mediums.

Recently, the highest rating television program in Australia was just a half hour-long compilation of hilarious cat videos — Rupert Murdoch should be worried.

Meet Winston Smushface, cat, who probably has more Instagram followers then you do.

Winston in his happy place.

Everyday more than 3,000 people are surprised and delighted by the one-year-old, Pursian flat face’s grump-tastic social media presence.

Here he is celebrating his first birthday:


And here he is “twinning” with his 26-year-old owner Jessie Jones:

Winston pls.

Jones says she was formerly “a dog person” but Winson changed all that with his squishy face and his undeniable charms.

“He’s the first cat I’ve ever had, I always loved dogs but he’s totally changed my mind,” Ms Jones told the Gold Coast Bulletin in a recent interview.

“He just looks like he needs a beer… The other day he was sitting in his funny position that he just always sits in and had his tail sticking between his legs and was swinging it side to side following it with his head.”

Classic Winston, basically.

Here he is attempting to steal his mum’s toothbrush to hide under the couch.

Will the hijinks never end?

And here he is contemplating the transience of the feline condition, probably.

‘What is the sound of one paw clapping?’

This morning Winston made his television debut on the Today show. Karl Stefanovic almost keeled over from laughing.

You can watch the clip here. Post continues after video:

Video via Channel 9

Suffice to say, Winston has a big future ahead of him, I for one, would love to see him back on breakfast TV in a hosting spot.

He certainly has better hair than Kochie.


You can follow him on Instagram @winstonsmushface. You won’t regret it.

For more Winston, click through the gallery below.