The Winona Ryder advert that just about stole the show during the Golden Globes telecast.

A woman stands alone in her dressing room. She fixes her black dress, her hair, preparing to give the performance of her life.

She breathes deeply, the presumably life-changing words she’s about to say weighing on her chest. She ponders the many bunches of flowers she’s received. The music is dramatic. This woman must be important.

She touches her hair again. She really likes touching her hair. Who could she be?

And then, as she prepares to step out onto the stage, we see her face. It’s… it’s Winona Ryder? Wait, this is an ad?

Errrrrr. Image: YouTube.

That was the collective thought process of The People upon seeing L’Oréal's latest hair commercial during the 2018 Golden Globes.

"Everyone loves a comeback. Damaged hair deserves one too", read the tag line for the cosmetic giant's ad for its Elvive hair products, which claim to revive damaged hair.

But on a night where Hollywood's biggest female stars wore black, made speeches and brought activists as their dates in a collective show of the strength of #TimesUp, the ad had many of us feeling things. Many things.

First, we were hypnotised. Curious even.

Who is this majestic woman in black? Is she apart of the Times Up movement? What earth shattering things does she have to say? What is this? Is it a movie trailer? WHY DOES SHE KEEP TOUCHING HER HAIR?

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Then came the confusion.

Wait, this is... an ad? This isn't a political statement? Hasn't Winona Ryder already 'come back'? With, y'know, her role in Stranger Things? Is L’Oréal comparing Winona Ryder to the crackly split ends I refuse to have trimmed because I 100 per cent am not convinced it'll make my hair grow faster? Do I have to buy this stuff now? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!


Unsurprisingly, Twitter had a lot to say about the ad, ranging from delight, disdain and 'what the f*ck'.





Someone get this woman a Golden Globe nomination for this ad alone.

You can watch the full commercial below...

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