The viral Willy Wonka fan theory that has us convinced someone else should've won.

The best movies don’t end once the credits role – no, they keep us thinking and guessing and wondering about what just happened. What should have happened.

There are fans who dedicate hours to contemplating the plot lines of movies to produce some pretty fantastic theories, which thanks to the glorious Internet, we get to consume in all their glory.

It’s been nearly 50 years since Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory aired, and yes, enthusiasts are still talking about what happened in this childhood favourite.

And there is good reason that the most recent of these theories has gone viral – because it is so goddamn convincing.

But before we explain this latest conjecture, let us quickly revisit the plot of this timeless film.

The movie took us to the most magical (and delicious) place on earth alongside Charlie Bucket, Veruca Salt, Violet Beauregarde, Augustus Gloop and Mike Teevee, who all won the golden tickets in to Willy Wonka‘s Chocolate Factory.


All the kids were unique individuals, with slightly odd habits – including Violet who had a penchant for chewing gum.

Violet consumed an experimental new gum flavour against the factory owner’s warnings, leading her to “fail” Willy Wonka.

Violet turns violet, and inflates into a massive ball before she is rolled out of the factory by the Oompa Loompa’s.

The last boy standing was Charlie Bucket – the winner.



But one fan, who posted her lengthy proposition to Tumblr, is convinced that Violet should have in fact won the Chocolate Factory, and, well, now we do too.

Going by the name “Evayna”, the Tumblr user had exactly five points of “iron clad evidence” to support her argument.


Firstly, out of all the kids, Violet knows the most about the intricacies of the candy that Willy Wonka produces.

“She’s committed to it, and knows her stuff,” explains Evayna. “When Wonka holds up a little yellow piece across the room, she recognises it immediately.”


The blogger further explains, in her second point, that Violet is also “the most fit to run a business” as she is “competitive, determined, hard working, and willing to take risks”. Her father is also a businessman who most likely can pass on important skills and information necessary to be the boss of a company.

Evayna goes on to explain that Veronica has sympathy for the Oompa Loompa’s (do you have the Oompa Loompa song stuck in your head yet?), unlike Willy Wonka himself, who treats them “as disposable” and Violet “would therefore be a better boss.”

In perhaps the most compelling point, Evayna shares that out all of all the children, Violet’s flaw “is the most fitting for the company”.

“The obsession with candy and neglect of social norms is EXACTLY what Wonka is all about. This is on brand.”


In her fifth point, the blogger posits that Violet’s “misstep in the factory is reasonable” as Wonka tempts and misleads Violet into trying the “amazing gum”. The blogger further adds: “Violet is not selfish about her experience, she tells everyone what she’s tasting and feeling, and everyone is eager to hear it.

“Taking a personal risk to share knowledge with everyone. Violet is Prometheus: fact.”

She finishes her post by concluding, “Can you imagine Charlie filling Wonka’s shoes? That passive, naive boy?

“Violet is already basically Wonka. She’s passionate, sarcastic, candy-obsessed, free-thinking and a total firecracker.”

Wow. Violet is a girl boss in the making with her ambitious and competitive character, and literally how did we all miss this?

The post has gone viral after a Twitter user by the name of James Ridgers shared screenshots of the post, captioning it “This makes sense and I am shook.”


The post has received over 180K likes and 50K retweets, as well as thousands of people responding with their own pieces of theories and queries.


Excuse us, while we watch this film for the 6897th time this weekend with this new theory in mind.