Meet Willow Lee, the 3-year-old with a Netflix deal.

This kid is going places.

Every October for the past three years, Willow Lee’s mum photographer Gina Lee has dressed up her daughter each day in honour of Halloween and posted her adorable costumes online. “Dress Up Willow” month, as Gina declared it, has gained a lot of popularity on social media.

And it’s not suprising why. Look at these pics and tell me you don’t laugh or feel happy?

In the first year, Willow dressed up as a hot dog:

And Lieutenant Dan from Forrest Gump:

She upped her game in 2014 and took on E.T:

But this year she has taken it to the next level again . She’s gone and secured a promotional deal with Netflix. Yep Netflix.

This three year old is no doubt going places. And good on her (and her mum).

Take a look through her photos so far for this month:

Who doesn’t love looking at a cute kid in a cute costume?