William Tyrell's devastating 4th birthday letter.

William Tyrell should be waking up on Friday to a mountain of kisses and presents.

But instead, his parents will more likely be waking to emptiness as they continue to search for their little boy.

William’s parents have released this heartbreaking statement to describe how William’s birthday would be spent if he were home, in the hope that someone, somewhere will be moved to share some new information about his whereabouts…

“If William were home, he would be beside himself with excitement and making a long list of presents he would like which would definitely include toys like superhero action figures and dress-ups.

If William were home, he’d be making plans to celebrate his special day and a party would most definitely be on his agenda.

William will turn four on Friday.

William loves to dress up so his party would have a superhero theme with ­invitations issued to about 12 or so of his little friends.

If William were home, choosing the colour of the balloons, selecting the menu and creating the invitation with his Mummy would create much excitement in the household.

If William were home, he would choose the flavour and the colours of his birthday cake which would be a novelty cake and he’d get a bit messy while helping Mummy, Daddy and his big sister to bake and decorate it.

If William were home, he would wake his Mummy and Daddy up early and climb into bed to start the day with hugs and kisses.

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Later his little friends would arrive with cards and gifts making the backyard resemble a ­Superhero convention and filling his home with squeals of laughter and excitement.

There would be music and games, mini frankfurts, homemade sausage rolls and dinosaur bread, fruit, potato chips and snakes would most definitely be on the menu.

In William’s family it is a tradition that the birthday person choose a restaurant for their special birthday dinner.

If William were home, he would most definitely choose his favourite Italian restaurant.

He would order his favourite dishes, pasta and garlic bread followed by a bowl of gelato and profiteroles and then he’d entertain his family by sucking on ­lemons and pulling his “lemon suck face” to have them all in stitches.

But sadly William is not at home, so they will celebrate his fourth birthday as a family with the love and support of close friends.

William Tyrell.

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William will have a card and a birthday cake that they will bake together.

And while they make William’s cake they will talk about their memories of their dear little boy and their love for him.

Because William is not at home, his family will each write on his birthday card their special message to tell him how much they love and miss him desperately and how much they want him to come home to where he belongs.”

Homicide detectives are keen to receive any bit of information that could assist their investigations They have urged the public to help saying that callers can remain anonymous if necessary.

 Police are urging anyone with information in relation to this incident to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or use the Crime Stoppers online reporting page. 

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